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About Skoruz

Today, Skoruz Technologies is a key player in the field of Big Data, Embedded Analytics, Mobile, Sales Automation and Sales Performance. While we have grown in our product offering, our philosophy remains unchanged… Deliver Value… Deliver Now.

Started off as a professional services company in 2007, we at Skoruz, always excelled in solving technical challenges. We continued our march ahead where everyone else stopped. From small random projects, we built a team highly committed to key technologies around IBM-SPM, Watson, Oracle Hyperion and VMware product suite.

Skoruz has also ventured into Risk and Reputation Management services to help companies negate phishing attacks, fake reviews, fake representations and fake articles with the help of advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI).

As a global enterprise, Skoruz technologies resells product licenses and develops its own IP for faster time to market for key technologies.

Our team of professionals are based in one of our four CoE’s in North America, South America, India and Singapore.

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Management Team

Meet the Leaders Behind Our Vision

Mr Arockia Jeevanandam is the Founder and Chairman of Skoruz Technologies. He, along with Mr Saminathan Susai who is the Co-Founder and CEO of Skoruz started the company at Fullerton, California in 2005.

Since inception, Skoruz has benefited from a superior leadership team – from our strong, active and independent board members to our experienced and globally-distributed senior management team.