SPM Services

Improve sales performance and operational efficiencies
with better management of incentive compensation plans,
and smarter administration of sales territories and quotas.

Product Demos

Bolt-on Dashboards

Pre-built, Bolt-On extensions to generate near real-time answering engine for existing SPM Installations

Predictions Analytics with Watson

Frameworks to connect Watson Analytics with Actionable Triggers

Social Media Analytics with Watson

Frameworks to map what the World thinks about a business process, decision or events

Skoruz framework

Bolt-On tools to extend Watson Analytics in the realm of embedded solutions


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Planning is the most critical phase of any project. Clear and achievable goals, a winning strategy and right tools form the cornerstone of an effective project plan.

With a 360 degree view of the Business and IT horizon in mind, we are ready to start with the planning exercise for your next project.

Our domain architects map your needs with a combination of industry best practices and leading technologies to arrive at a win-win combination. Our frameworks and enablement services are engineered to best suit your needs.

Skoruz; with a solid track-record of success in key business processes around Revenue Reporting, Finance, M&A, Sales Planning and Automation is a committed partner.

We deliver a variety of customized solution around Hyperion Planning, Sales Performance Management, Mobile Apps and Embedded Analytics. Our track-record of excellence backs our claims.

We assist our customers with buying Licenses, Configure a Product, Custom Development and Operational Support. Our Solution Management team will work towards making your team self-sufficient in all aspects of the implementation.

For us, You, the client, come first. We will collaborate with your team to define the needs. This includes defining the IT Development Scope, Configuration, Product Specific Training, Process Enhancements and Operations Support. We will provide you with time and cost estimates for each of the components. On sign-off, our project managers will ensure we deliver your solutions as expected and with follow through.

As your solution manager, we will help define a roadmap for enhancements. These include defining feature adds, mobile strategy, process enhancements etc.

Benefit from our specialist because sometimes, all that you need is a helping hand.

Have our specialist come in and hit the ground running.

As Technology Partners to leading Product Developers, our specialists bring in the optimum product knowledge. Combined with business process expertise, these specialist are well qualified to join your project at any stage in the project life-cycle.

Our team constantly reviews the technology landscape, and builds in-house expertise. This allows us to focus on providing Professional Services and to reduce time for your project.

We can work from any locations – your offices or our facilities around the USA, Costa Rica, India or Singapore.