Managing complex, global, end-to-end supply chains with Skoruz

Managing complex, global, end-to-end supply chains with Skoruz
  • November 5, 2019

Business Challenges

Forward-thinking organizations seek to moderate and proactively control market forces such as economic volatility, data anomalies and a scarcity of talent by optimizing their supply chain processes. This positively impacts financials, inventory levels, transportation costs and customer relationships. As a result, these organizations can create predictable business outcomes. The increasing complexity of implementing and operating a global Supply Chain Management (SCM) system, along with the high cost of attracting and retaining high-level SCM talent around the world are two of the key challenges facing our clients today. 

Offerings Overview

Skoruz bring together highly skilled, industry-specific supply chain practitioners, intellectual property and our Supply Chain Control Tower – a market-leading, cloud-based framework powered by intelligent technology and analytics – to manage complex, global, end-to-end supply chains. 


Organizations can make a significant impact on strategic business benefits, such as: 

  • Driving savings to fund innovation and growth.
  • Mitigating and managing procurement and enabling agility. 
  • Increasing speed-to-market.
  • Supporting organic and inorganic growth strategies. 
  • Spurring product and service innovation.
  • Supporting sustainability and corporate social responsibility objectives. 

Core Solutions

  • Product Operations:  Develop, Launch, Scale, Renew.
  • Plan:  Demand, Replenishment, Supply Planning.
  • Source/Deliver:  Order Fulfillment, Transport Planning & Optimization.
  • Service:  Warranty, Spare Parts Planning, Returns/Repairs.

Skoruz Key Differentiation

  • Our Practitioners – A solid foundation of global Supply Chain experts:  Clients understand that we do real supply chain work while our competitors do bits and pieces as part of broader processes.  We can “seed” new engagements with this expertise.
  • Our Intellectual Property – A library of proven business outcomes:  Clients partner with us to achieve their business outcomes in a faster and more efficient manner.  We are willing to contractually commit to delivering business outcomes.
  • Our Supply Chain Control Tower Model – A market-leading framework:  Our end-to-end services help clients break through organizational silos across their supply chain. We have privileged access to market-leading technology vendors in cloud computing and data analytics.

Key Market Trends

  • The underlying market for supply chain services is changing dramatically. The Internet of Things, 3-D printing and self-driving trucks are just a few of the trends that will reshape everything. 
  • Many organizations are centralizing what used to be distributed functions into a single, global supply chain under the leadership of a “Chief Supply Chain Officer,” who drives the achievement of supply chain business outcomes. 
  • Global companies are looking for global, end-to-end service providers to take responsibility for large portions of their supply chains so that they can focus more on their core competencies, products and customers. 
  • Large contracts are fueling the Supply Chain BPS industry in order to address the entire business processes, a greater focus on business outcomes beyond supply chain, and an increased need for transformation of the retained organization – which must change to adapt to the different needs of an outsourced supply chain. 
  • The number of companies leveraging Supply Chain Services will increase by 29 percent as we approach 2020.