Highly Accurate Forecasting for a Pharma Giant

by Rukhsan, Decision Scientist @ Skoruz
  • February 6, 2019

Rukhsan, Decision Scientist @ Skoruz

Rukhsan Ul Haq, one of the leading Data Scientists in the world is currently working on the time series forecasting for a China based e-commerce company. He is also a part of the core team of Skoruz that helps a Pharma Major in global supply chain and digital analytics.

He was the main lead in the project and single -handedly developed time series forecast models which can deliver the best accuracy. Time series forecasting was carried out at two levels: First at SKU level and then at Franchise level

To come up with this robust forecast model, Rukhsan did extensive experimentation by tuning the various parameters and chose the final model which at the moment is the world’s most accurate forecast model. The models were finally scaled up to the franchise level and once again the final model was selected after due experimentation.

Rukhsan has been able to produce the forecasts of amazing and unparalleled accuracy, which is almost 100% for some data sets. This accuracy has gone beyond all the previous records achieved within the Pharma Major’s internal forecasting teams and has set a new record for the accuracy in time series forecasts. These results have created lot of appreciation and excitement both at Pharma Major and the Industry.