Predictive HR Analytics- A Human Resource Revolution

Predictive HR Analytics- A Human Resource Revolution
  • October 23, 2019

Predictive analytics in HR is one of the most recent key trends to follow and there’s a good reason for it – businesses need it, especially if they want to keep up with their competition. The technology goes beyond the scope of knowledge and provides an adequate assessment of what might happen in the future. 

Workforce is the biggest asset of any organization, and HR as a function and as a service provider to the workforce has a tremendous opportunity to drive better business outcomes and help people succeed with data analytics.

Why Organizations Need Predictive HR Data Analytics?

Predictive analytics identifies trends related to excessive employee absenteeism, employee performance, attrition rate, identification of low performers, and return on investment on talent management, compensation strategies, employee engagement and many other aspects related to employees.

Predictive analytics gives leaders in the organization the insight to be able to make evidence based decisions from previous data.  The process of analyzing existing data can enable business leaders to learn from previous experiences and forecast future outcomes.

How Skoruz Predictive HR Services will help Company?

  •  Foster deeper engagement-Identify the factors responsible for employee satisfaction and engagement
  •  Retain Top tier Talent-Find primary reasons for increased attrition and exit of top talent
  •  Up skill the workforce-Forecast future workforce requirements and ways to meet those demands
  • Fine-tune performance and boost productivity-Analyze factors affecting employee performance and utilize data insights to improve business performance
  • Measure business outcomes-Determine the impact of individual KRAs on the business

Skoruz Predictive HR Services Benefits: Competitive Advantage

Skoruz Predictive analytics tools for HR make human resource processes easier, simpler, and more effective. Predictive HR analytics tools give your business a way to turn unstructured, disparate data and create more holistic pictures of employee health, engagement, cultural fit, and productivity. 

Understanding the employee equation no longer must be elusive –Skoruz predictive analytics services will not only allow for the identification of key drivers, but will also allow for their prioritization, making planning and resource allocation straightforward and giving a company a massive competitive advantage—the quality of people.

Ten disruptions identified by Josh Bersin from Deloitte should be on every CHRO’s mind 

  • Shift from automation to productivity
  • Acceleration of HRMS and HCM cloud solutions
  • Continuous performance management
  • Feedback, engagement, and analytics tools
  • Reinvention of corporate learning
  • The recruiting market is thriving with innovation
  • The well-being market is exploding
  • People analytics matures and grows
  • Intelligent self-service tools
  • Innovation with HR itself