Skoruz builds a Google Assistant Quiz Game for Malaysian Independence Day

  • August 30, 2019

Skoruz builds “Hello Malaysia” a first of its kind Trivia Quiz Game on Google Assistant to test the skills and memory of Malaysians about the Malaysian Independence!

Skoruz Technologies has come up with an interesting game on Google Assistant to celebrate the Malaysian Independence History. After the September 2018 launch in Malaysia, this is Skoruz’s first campaign on gamifying voice based technologies in Malaysia!

The trivia – quiz game can be accessed on Google Assistant on any smart phone with an invocation “Hello Malaysia”

The Assistant will test the user’s skill and memory on some interesting facts on Malaysian Independence History. If you guess the answer wrong, it narrates a small story on the fact as it happened.

Talking about the game, Mr Ritendra Banerjee – Global Head @ Skoruz said “We’ve been consulting quite a few companies in Malaysia in adapting to latest technologies and wanted to do something interesting in line with Malaysian History. The team came up with the idea of creating a game that will not only test the knowledge but also educate users about the historical facts that must be remembered forever by every Malaysian”.

Launch Google Assistant application on any smartphone and just say “Hello Malaysia” to play the game!